This blog is dedicated to providing a survey of the recent Bible translation by 馮象 (Feng Xiang / Peter Feng) into Chinese, in relation to other Bible versions, as well as documenting the discussion generated since its publication. Besides, we also aim to keep track of revisions and updates in its subsequent editions (to appear). Hence the title.

Feng’s translation is being published by Oxford University Press (Hong Kong), and so far three fascicles have been released:

  1. 馮象 譯註, 《摩西五經》, (香港: 牛津大學出版社), 2006. ISBN 9780195964899
  2. 馮象 譯註, 《智慧書》, (香港: 牛津大學出版社), 2008. ISBN 9780195498325
  3. 馮象 譯註, 《新約》, (香港: 牛津大學出版社), 2010. ISBN 9780195964899

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